The control freak’s guide to managing life’s uncertainty

Tired of being called a control freak? Stressed out trying to control everything around you? If Zen-like peace of mind is eluding you, The Control Freak’s Guide to Managing Life’s Uncertainty will show you how to reduce your control freakiness, and help you experience greater happiness, less stress, and more harmonious relationships. With numerous anecdotes and insights from a (mostly) reformed Control Freak, this Guide offers a sensitive and insightful take on your challenges: why you feel the need to control, the impact of your actions, and how these behaviours prevent you from experiencing peace of mind. Filled with wit and common-sense, you’ll find lots of helpful tips, practical exercises, and humorous illustrations, which explain how to let go of hidden fears and liberate your inner rebel. Your freedom from control freakiness lies within!

Why two covers?

In the cover design process, two designs emerged as popular with differing audiences. And so the two-cover option was born…

‘Circus’ theme: (click to view) features the ringmaster who epitomises the Control Freak projecting much bravado to the world – super-confident, focused, dominating, successful, at times arrogant; the lion symbolises those at the pointy end of CF behaviours, who aren’t too impressed by having to jump through CF hoops.

‘Frankenstein’ theme: (click to view) a cheeky design representing the insecure Control Freak. With a manual on how to build a woman in hand, this CF has created his ideal woman who he thinks he’ll be able to control. But she’s probably got other ideas. His insecurities are clearly apparent in his expression and his complete cluelessness in what to do next.