It’s Out There!

It’s Out There!!! Finally…

After much time & loads of effort, ‘The Control Freak’s Guide to Managing Life’s Uncertainty’ is finally out there in the world. Many talented creatives came together to work on various elements of the book – that’s right, it’s not just about the written word – & I send a huge “thank you” to them all.

The big CFG contributors were: Sally Salvati (Editor); Mark Martel (Illustrator); Viri Valeria (Cover Design – ‘Frankenstein’); Nowitza Milivojevic (Cover Design – ‘Circus’); Nebojša Dolovaki (book layout).

The print version of the Circus cover edition has been released & is available in bookstores across Australia (distributed through Dennis Jones & Associates). The print version of the Frankenstein cover edition will soon be available to order online through Amazon – the ‘Buy‘ page on the CFG site will be updated. The eBook version of the Frankenstein cover edition is already available on Amazon.

And please, if you have read the book already, I’d really love your feedback – you can submit it here or on Amazon.



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