CFG Quick Quiz

Want to find if you've got any signs of control freakiness?

Here's a sample of the CF Questionnaire... take the full 25 question quiz in Chapter Two of the Control Freak's Guide.

1. Your partner has a habit that really irritates you. What do you do?

2. You decide to go out with your partner/friend for dinner. You:

3. Arriving home from a two-day work conference, your partner reveals they’ve rearranged your favourite room. You:

4. You have friends over for dinner and your partner openly states an awkward or embarrassing truth about you. You:

5. Issues within an intimate relationship force you way out of your comfort zone. You:

6. When your partner/friend drives the car with you in it as a passenger, you:

7. Your partner/friend decides to do something that goes completely against your better judgement. You:

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